A list of the most recent floors found in DIY outlets and matching threshold colour

A frequently updated list to help our customers match thresholds to the latest laminate & Tile Floors designs, although the thresholds can match many other floors the threshold strips where designed to match these floors. Not all Threshold colours are listed here as we have produced several thousand Colours.

Name Bar Code Threshold Finish Colour
Leggiero Concrete Tile 366360202509 Aluminium
Leggiero Grey Slate Tile 3663602025085 Aluminium
Harmonia Black Slate Tile 5397007068986 Black Slate
Libretto Black Slate Tile 5397007015089 Black Slate
Amadeo Boulder Oak 3663602012320 Boulder Oak
Scherzo Dark Walnut 5052931064953 Brown Oak
Amadeo Shire Oak 4039990 Brown Oak
Belcanto White Calafonian Pine 5397007037128 Calafornian Pine
Whitewashed Oak 3663603035657 Calafornian Pine
Ostend Fresno Oak 3663602037200 Calafornian Pine
Leggiero White Distressed Oak 5397007014983 Calafornian Pine
Barranaco Painted Cream 5397007205442 Calafornian Pine
Quick Step Exspressivo Reclaimed Chestnut 5410455295442 Coffee
Amadeo Bedrock Oak 3663602037170 Dark Grey
Concertino Prestige Oak 5397007164183 Dark Oak
Dolce Richmond Dark Oak 5052931064939 Dark Oak
Concertino Prestige Dark 5397007164183 Dark Oak
Quick Step Classic Oak 5415125511822 French Pine
Becanto Long Beach Pine 3663602035633 Grey Oak
Belcanto Seville Spruce 5397007069129 Grey OAK
Concertino Kolberg 4078715 kolburg
OPP Oak 3 Strip 5397007069181 Light Oak
Quick Step Natural Varnished Oak 5415125511846 Light Oak
Alossono Herringbone Oak 5397007205237 Light Oak
Barbarita Random Limestone 5397007205220 Limestone
Staccato Oak Parquet 5397007015027 Natural Laquered Oak
Concertino New England Trad Oak 5397007164190 OPP Oak Plank
Oak Plank 3683125 OPP Oak Pllank
Bodrum Grey 5397007205398 Silver Grey
Princeps Sanander Oak 5397007037029 Silver Grey
Leggiero Silver Blue Tile 5397007015041 Silver Blue Slate
Quick Step Cream Travertine 5410455295503 Travertine
Leggiero Cream Travertine 5397007015065 Travertine
Ovetrure Milano Oak 5397007069105 Varnished Oak
Toccata Victoria Oak 539700737043 Victoria Oak
Callaris Harlech Oak 5397007015225 Walnut Gloss Dolce
Scherzo Light Walnut 5052931064946 Walnut Gloss Dolce
Dolce Gloss Walnut 5303120 Walnut Gloss Dolce
Nobile Appalachian Hickory 53970070175189 Walnut Gloss Dolce
Ostend Oxford Oak 539700206647 Walnut Gloss Dolce
Arpeggio 2 Step Tuscany Olive 5397007037067 Walnut Gloss Dolce
Quick Step Andante Natural Oak 5410455207384 Walnut Gloss Dolce
Greenlees Grey Oak 5021318038368 White Wash
Overture White Alington 5397007146035 White Wash
Leggiero Random Natural Stone 5397007051865 Random Stone
Guarcino Reclaimed Oak 3663602035664 Kolburg Oak
Ostend Ascot Oak 5397007206654 DC422
Arpeggio Hertiage Oak 5397007037142 DC633
Toccata Cardiff Oak 5397007037166 DC648
Quick Step Andante Natural Oak 5410455207407 DC485
Ostend Kansas Oak 3663602037217 Oak Plank
Belcanto Smoked Pine 3663602035671 DC633
Ostend Berkley Oak 3663602037194 DC628
Intermezzo Sicilian Slate 5397007069082 DC568
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Royal Oak 7599693566489 DC573 on Grey
Natural Oak 7599693566496 DC405 on Grey
Warm Oak 7599693566502 DB1066 Oon Grey
Light Oak 7599693566519 DC463 on Grey
Rustic Oak 7599693566526 DB1097 on Grey
Dark Oak 7599693566533 DC659 on Black
Smoked Oak 7599693566540 DC659 on Black
White Oak 7091047630483 DC637 on White
Antique Oak 7599693565819 DC633 ON Black TOULON oAK
Grey Oak 7091042763056 DC629 on Grey
More B&Q Matches
Gladstone Grey laminate flooring 7091047630483 white washed oak
3 strip oak affect 3 strip light oak
dolce high gloss walnut affect walnut dolce
harmonia black slate tile black slate/ebony
gosford natural oak natural oak veneer/warm oak
visby oiled natural oak varnished oak
goodsir varnished natural creme oak is close for threshold not perfect
liskamm varnished natural
lulea unfinnished french pine
malton natural oak effect creme oak close for threshold not perfect
gladstone light brown oak light browm/ smoked pine
devon port natural oak effect
mossley natural oak effect warm oak
gladstone distressed grey
maquarie white washed pine effect
newlyn grey oak effect 7091046488436 Fine grey
bairsdale dark grey oak
addington grey oak effect
jazzy plank dark dark grey
bachat plank grey
jazzy plank natural grey
jazzy plank pine
jazzy plank white fine grey 
bachat plank white white washed oak
bishorn varnished natural oak 7091049394826 Varnished Oak
bachata tile beige white slate
bachata plank dark victoria oak
wickes Malmao Oak grey oak

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